The  Linksys Velop Setup has a unique and very easy on the eye design. The 3 nodes are beautifully shaped in a cylindrical form. There are no external antennas or wires present. The complete product comes with power wires and ethernet cables for the nodes and a complete user manual. There are no other products involved. This makes it very compatible and easy to use. The 3 bands combined, give the fastest speed possible. In the design of the nodes, there are just these ports at the bottom of each node:

  1. 2 Ethernet Ports. 
  2. Reset Button 
  3. 12 VDC/CC Power port

LINKSYS VELOP AC wifi extender Setup & configuration

Every single node of the LINKSYS VELOP AC wifi extender configuration must be set up differently. To start the process of LINKSYS VELOP AC wifi extender login, all you have to do is open the app and follow the instructions. Connect the node that you want to attach with the modem and a power source.

This will help you to login easily and quickly. The Linksys app is a very easy way to help you with the LINKSYS VELOP AC setup. 3 different nodes are present with the box. Firstly, you have to look up for the primary node and set it up using the app. Then you set up the other two nodes with a similar method. When you launch the app there are different sections for different features.

Firstly, the app shows the internet status and the number of devices that are connected.
Next, you can find many other features Guest Access, Device Prioritization and Parental Control.
Then after your setup is completed, you can find other settings such as WiFi settings, speed test, notifications etc.
There are many advanced settings that you can choose from and it will help you to understand everything that you will need to know.

Linksys Velop wifi extender setup

As soon as the app starts, just follow some simple instructions:

  1. Open the app and click on the search nodes option.
  2. Select the primary node. The app will start to search for the location of the node.
  3. Select a name and a password for your system. Firstly, fill the Velop default password.
    Username : admin
    Password : password
  4. Make sure to create an admin password which is unique and easy at the same time.
  • Once it is located, the connection will be a success. Make sure that your node is connected to the router and the power source.
  • After the connection, make sure to connect all the nodes similarly. 
  • Now place the nodes all across your place according to your needs. The app will locate the locations and suggest you the best locations where you will get the maximum speed. 
  • After you add all the nodes, the app will identify the complete Linksys Velop setup System and will recommend the best places where you can put the nodes.
  • Save the settings and enjoy one of the best, complete home WiFi mesh systems.

Linksys Velop wifi extender firmware

Before starting the Linksys Velop setup firmware steps you need to know what the Linksys Velop wifi extender firmware issues are and what firmware is. A firmware is a program inside your device that has specified sets of instructions. It defines the functionality and features of the Velop extender device. To get the optimum performance of your device you need to install and update its firmware and get rid of Linksys Velop wifi extender firmware issues. Follow the steps below:

  • To update the firmware of your Linksys Velop wifi extender easily, make sure to restart the device first.
  • Once the device reboots, launch the Velop app on your mobile phone and go to the Velop device.
  • Now go to the settings of your Linksys Velop Setup wifi extender and look for the Update tab.
  • Tap the Update and your Linksys Velop setup device will look for the latest firmware available on the Linksys’ server.
  • Let the device update the latest firmware and after that, it will attempt to reboot.
  • Let the device reboot and then check whether the internet connection is active on your wifi network or not. It should be active even after updating the firmware of your Linksys Velop Setup device.

So this was all about the Linksys Velop wifi extender setup and firmware update. In case you come across any issue while attempting to configure the device or resolve any issue, feel free to contact our technical experts.